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Copersucar’s earnings reach BRL 254 million in the 2016/2017 Crop Year


Copersucar S.A., the largest global trader of sugar and ethanol, hit the mark of BRL 254 million in consolidated net profit at the end of the 2016/2017 Crop Year, with revenues of BRL 28.3 billion (an increase of 7.6%). This positive result reinforces the strategic success of the company since its incorporation in 2008.

“We reaffirm our trust in the strategic principles that brought us here. We have maintained our focus on strengthening the logistics structure and on operational excellence, in addition to the continuous improvement of the management and governance mechanisms”, says the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Luis Roberto Pogetti.

“Throughout the last crop year, we reinforced our conviction that we have walked a virtuous path, despite the numerous difficulties we faced, in the domestic economic environment as well as in the competitive international scenario. The expressive outcome resulted from relevant gains in the operations directly managed by Copersucar, that is, sugar for the domestic market, ethanol and logistics, and also from the important performance in the global market, through the Alvean and Eco-Energy subsidiaries”, says CEO Paulo Roberto de Souza.

In this period, the investments amounted to BRL 313 million (18% above the previous year), used largely in the ethanol platform, with the acquisition by Copersucar of interest in Eco-Energy; the expansion of logistics in the United States, through the implementation of new terminals; and contributions of capital in Logum S/A, which is responsible for the pipeline system that integrates the producing regions with consumer markets. Net indebtedness, less inventory, was BRL 1.579 billion, practically the same level as the previous period (BRL 1.435 billion), due to the investments made.


The Partner Production Mills crushed 87 million tons of sugar cane (2.5% less than in the previous harvest). The product mix was 54% for ethanol (against 59% in the previous period) and 46% for sugar (against 41% in the previous period).

In this period, Copersucar traded 5.3 million tons of sugar, of which 3.5 million tons were exported to Alvean and 1.8 million tons were intended for the domestic industrial market.

Ethanol trade in the period was 4.2 billion liters, of which 3.7 billion liters went to the domestic market and 0.5 billion liters to the foreign market. We also highlight the Copersucar Ethanol Terminal (TCE), which started to operate new pipelines interconnected with the Paulínia Refinery (REPLAN).

In logistics operations, the Copersucar Sugar Terminal (TAC), at the Port of Santos, State of São Paulo, operated with 100% of contracted capacity, handling sugar for Alvean and grains for third parties, and there was considerable increase in railway transportation, with gain in competitiveness and productivity. In the period, 3 million tons of products were transported by railway (60% of the total volume transported), through the intermodal terminals located in upstate São Paulo.


Alvean, a joint venture with Cargill, created in 2014 to operate in the international trading of sugar, confirmed its leadership globally and reached 26% market share in the destination markets of raw sugar, with 12.1 million tons of total trading, a growth of 5.2%, of which 8.9 million originated in Brazil (including the volume supplied by Copersucar), 3,5% more than the in previous harvest.


In the 2016-2017 Crop Year, Copersucar completed the acquisition of the controlling interest of Eco-Energy, an integrated ethanol trader in the North American market, with the acquisition of the shares still in minority control. In the crop year ended last March 31st, the company traded 9.2 billion liters of ethanol, 4.5% above the previous year, and increased its share in the US market from 14% to 16%. Sales reached USD 4.1 billion, an increase of 17%. In the same period, the company reinforced its logistic structure, with the completion of three new multimodal terminals for ethanol and the development of another, all in the United States.

About Copersucar

Copersucar is a global leader in the trading of sugar and ethanol. Its business model, considered unique, combines large scale supply of high quality products with an integrated logistics, transportation, storage, and trading system, in Brazil and in the international market. More information at: http://www.copersucar.com.br.

As a producer of food and clean and renewable energy for the planet, Copersucar is a protagonist in sustainability and in the fight against global warming. More information in the 2014-2016 Report, available in Portuguese at: http://www.copersucar.com.br/relatorio2016/

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