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Copersucar targets the Asian market and starts operations in Hong Kong


Copersucar S.A., the largest Brazilian sugar and ethanol marketer, has just started operations of its subsidiary in Asia. Located in Hong Kong, Asia Copersucar will strengthen the company’s strategy to expand its position in the global sugar market.

The Hong Kong´s subsidiary will bring Copersucar closer to the Asian market, particularly to countries such as China, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Until recently, the region was supplied primarily by local production of sugar. However, due to population and income growth, product demand in the region tends to outgrow the supply, making room for new businesses.

Currently, Copersucar has a 40% market share of raw sugar in MENA (Middle East North Africa), a market that concentrates the company’s largest sugar sales quota. In Southeast Asia, the Company’s performance in the market is around 10%, with potential for expansion.

Besides the distance, the time zone is a real obstacle to serve the market in the region. With the new business, Copersucar overcomes these barriers, deepen its relationship with Far East consumers, and continues to expand its global operations in the sugar market. Copersucar Asia will also have the opportunity to act in the origination of sugar in that region.

2012/2013 Crop

Copersucar projects a 25% growth in volumes of sugar commercialization for the current crop. In the 2011/2012 crop, the Brazilian Company sold 6.9 million tonnes of sugar, of which 5.1 million were allocated to exportation. Today, Copersucar holds 10% of the world free market of sugar.

Copersucar S.A., established in 2008, is the largest Brazilian sugar and ethanol marketer integrated to the production. The Company holds the exclusive sales of 48 Partner Mills and, in a non-exclusive basis, about 50 non-partner mills.

Its business model, considered unique, combines the production of Partner Mills and non-partner producers with a logistics, transportation, storage, and marketing integrated system of large scale, both in domestic and foreign markets, under direct management and responsibility of the Company.