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Copersucar S.A is awarded Bonsucro™ EU certification for the chain of custody


Copersucar S.A, the largest Brazilian sugar and ethanol commercialization operation, has been granted Bonsucro™ EU certification for the chain of custody of sugar and ethanol produced by its members who are also certified. This also enables Copersucar to guarantee the sustainability standards required internationally for its business chain, from the plantation to the end customer. The Bonsucro™ EU standard encompasses the fundamental requirements for commercializing biofuels in the European Union.

Copersucar S.A’s certification ensures product traceability from the sugarcane plantation to the customer. This means that the 7.8 million metric tons of sugarcane (equivalent to 470 thousand metric tons of sugar and 345 million liters of ethanol) certified in Copersucar’s five partner mills in October 2011 now carry a guarantee of sustainability throughout commercial and logistics operations.

“We managed to meet Bonsucro requirements throughout the chain of custody due to Copersucar’s unique business model”, says Paulo Roberto de Souza, president of the company. “Sustainability is now a market requirement for numerous companies. This certification enables Copersucar to respond readily in the most demanding markets, reinforcing its leadership in the Brazilian sugar-energy sector”, he adds.

Bonsucro™ is a multi-stakeholder organization recognized as the main reference worldwide for the sustainable production of sugarcane and derivatives. Certification attests to the use of sustainable practices in biomass processing, ranging from sugarcane cultivation to sugar and ethanol production.

About Copersucar S/A: Incorporated in 2008, Copersucar is the largest Brazilian sugar and ethanol commercialization operation integrated with production. Its unique business model combines the production of 48 partner mills and approximately 50 non-partner mills in an integrated, large scale logistics, transportation, storage and commercialization system managed directly by the company to serve the domestic and global markets.

About Bonsucro™: Bonsucro is a multi-stakeholder organization created to reduce the environmental and social impacts of sugarcane, with the definition of a standard and program to transform the industry. Bonsucro is an industry initiative which has been working on bringing together all stakeholders to develop the means to achieve its objectives in the sugarcane business. Bonsucro is a registered trademark in the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU) and a trademark in other countries. To see a full list of members, access the website www.bonsucro.com.