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Speech of Copersucar’s CEO during the Sugar and Ethanol Meeting


Good evening!

First of all, I would like to thank the support and solidarity expressions we have received from the whole market, after the accident that hit our sugar terminal in the Port of Santos.

Fortunately, it didn’t cause any loss of life.

We should emphasize the essential and full support received from our shareholders, the board of directors, employees, customers, financial market, traders, competitors and other business partners.

A very special thank to the brave fire brigade.

Thank you all!

Since the first moment, we have been working 24 hours a day on a contingencyplan, making our best efforts to mitigate the impact on all the affected parts.

We were able to access the terminal only on Sunday night and immediately started to assess the conditions of warehouses in order to prepare the rebuilding plan.

The first assessment enabled us to verify that the loading conveyor belts, shiploaders and relevant parts of the civil structures fortunately were not damaged.

But we cannot estimate the timing of the operations return yet.

As soon as we have the contingency and rebuilding plans ready, we’ll share them with all of our business partners, in the usual spirit of mutual trust.

With our employees’ determination and the support of our shareholders, we are certain that we will overcome this challenge.

We do believe that Copersucar will emerge even stronger after this.

Once again, many thanks to all of you.

Paulo Roberto de Souza