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Copersucar renews partnership with Instituto Ayrton Senna


Copersucar S. A., biggest seller of sugar and ethanol in Brazil, renewed this Wednesday (07/18/2012), at the Company’s headquarters in São Paulo, the partnership with Instituto Ayrton Senna, started in 2010. Present at the event was the president of the Institute, Viviane Senna.

The partnership consists of expansion of the SuperAção Jovem, social responsibility program geared toward education and cultural formation of youngsters through development of reading, solving of mathematical problems and creation of solutions for their communities. Educational improvement of teachers, with support of its school planning and strengthening the commitment toward results of students is also part of the program.

In 2011, the SuperAção Jovem program benefited 23,294 students and 291 educators from 143 schools from São Paulo, spread in 13 municipalities where the partner plants of Copersucar are located. In the last two harvests, Copersucar invested R$ 900 thousand in the program. In 2012, the goal is to expand the SuperAção Jovem program to 39 thousand students, matriculated in 214 schools from 17 municipalities,
in addition to including the theme of environment in the scope of discussion. The new investment totals R$ 700 thousand.

“The partnership with Copersucar has been very important to guarantee the youngsters qualified educational opportunities. With SuperAção Jovem, they can develop their multiple skills, becoming the main responsible for their learning and history, guided by ethical and solidary values, empowered to face the challenges of the professional world and to live as full and participative citizens. It is not easy task, but we are achieving each day with Copersucar, going beyond the school seats, interfering positively in the lives of thousands of people, from the youth to educators
and directors of the partner schools”, remarks the president of Instituto Ayrton Senna, Viviane Senna.

“We consider this initiative as part of our commitment toward the search of sustainable results, with the creation of value for the society also”, states the president of the Copersucar Management Board, Luís Roberto Pogetti.

According to the Company’s CEO, Paulo Roberto de Souza, the partnership is an important instrument for social transformation and growth of people, in addition to contributing positively toward development of the communities where the company and plants have direct operations.

Copersucar has a history of investments in social projects. In the last two harvests, Copersucar and the partner plants invested R$ 12.2 million in social projects directed toward education, culture, sports and professionalization of youth.


The program has had satisfactory results since its implementation. A study concluded by the São Paulo State Education Secretariat in the first half of 2011 indicated that 80% of the partner fulltime schools of the SuperAção program attained the goal of Idesp – state indicator of the quality of education and that sets goals for improvement – last year, against 54% of non-partner fulltime schools.

In 2011 alone, 265 projects involving 10 thematic areas were conducted. The average number of books read annually by the program’s students exceeds the national average of the Brazilian student by more than four times. There are 7.2 books per student of the SuperAção Jovem program, against 1.6 of students from non-partner schools of the program.

GRI Report

During the event, Copersucar will present the second edition of its management and sustainability report. In relation to the two last harvests (2010/2011 and 2011/2012), the document was elaborated according to methodology of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and follows directives of the G3, having passed through the Application Level Examination by the GRI and attained grade B+. The external
verification, indicated in the previous report as objective, fulfilled in this cycle, was conducted by the company Bureau Veritas Certification (BVC). The report also brings the statement of the main advancements in governance, strategy and performance of the Company in the last triennium.

“Copersucar views sustainability as one of the pillars of its strategy to guarantee its growth and continuity. Its mission is to integrate the sugar and ethanol chain and create value sustainably for the main publics of interest – suppliers, shareholders, customers, employees and the society in general -, supported on the economic, environmental and social pillars”, points out Luís Roberto Pogetti, president of the Copersucar Management Board.

About Copersucar S/A:
Established in 2008, it is the biggest Brazilian seller of sugar and ethanol integrated to production. Its business model, considered to be unique, combines the production of 48 partner production plants and of about 50 non-partner units, with an integrated logistics, transport, storage and sales system in large scale, in the domestic and foreign markets, under responsibility and direct management of the Company.

About Instituto Ayrton Senna: Instituto Ayrton Senna (http://senna.globo.com/institutoayrtonsenna) is a nonprofit organization that researches and produces knowledge to improve the quality of education in large scale. Funded with own resources, donations and partnerships with the private initiative, the Institute provides to public administrations, free of charge, management services of the educational process that include diagnosis and planning, formation of managers and educators, development of innovative pedagogical and technological solutions, all articulated in such a way as to promote full education for full development of children and youngsters in their multiple competencies. Founded in 1994, by the wish of the three-time Formula 1 champion Ayrton Senna, the Institute works to develop the potential of new generations, helping students obtain success at school and become citizens able to meet the professional, economic, cultural and political requirements of the 21st century. Each year, Instituto Ayrton Senna qualifies 60 thousand educators
and its programs directly benefit about 2 million students in over 1,300 municipalities
from the various regions of Brazil.